Global String

Global String, a collaboration with Kasper Toeplitz, is a multi-site network music installation, connected via the internet. It is a musical instrument where the network is the resonating body of the instrument, by use of a real time sound synthesis server.

The concept is to create a musical string (like the string of a guitar or violin) that spans the world. Its resonance circles the globe, allowing musical communication and collaboration among the people at each connected site. The installation consists of a real physical string connected to a virtual string on the network. The real string (12 millimetres in diameter, 15 metres in length) stretches from the floor diagonally up to the ceiling of the space. On the floor is one end-the earth. Up above is the connection to the network, to one of the other ends somewhere else in the world. Vibration sensors translate the analog pulses to digital data. Users strike the string, making it vibrate.

Global String slides

Global String has been presented at V2 Rotterdam, Ars Electronica Centre Linz, Trafo/C3 Budapest. It was funded by La Fondation Daniel Langlois
pour l’art, la science et la technologie, and was awarded honourable mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2001.


Download slideshow here.

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Global String slides

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