Selected Publications

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Kirisits, N., Behrendt, F., Gaye, L., Tanaka, A., (eds.) Creative Interactions - The Mobile Music Workshops 2004-2008. Di’Angewandte, Vienna, 2008.
PDF - 52.7 Mb


Jo, Kazuhiro and Tanaka, A. (2009) "The Music Participates In." In Franziska Schroeder (Ed.) Performing Technology: User Content and the New Digital Media. Cambridge Scholars Publishing
PDF - 3.3 Mb
Tanaka, A., Gemeinboeck, P. “Net_Dérive: Conceiving and Producing a Locative Media Artwork.” In Goggin, G., Hjorth, L. (Eds.) Mobile Technologies: From Telecommunications to Media. Routledge, London. 2008.
PDF - 148.9 kb
Tanaka, A. “Visceral Mobile Music Systems.” In Gibson, S., Mueller-Arisona, S., Adams, R. (Eds.) Transdisciplinary Digital Art: Sound, Vision and the New Screen. Communications in Computer and Communication Science Series. Springer, Dordrecht. 2008.
PDF - 13.6 Mb
Tanaka, A. “Interaction, Agency, Experience, and the Future of Music.” In Brown, B., O’Hara, K. (Eds.) Consuming Music Together: Social and Collaborative Aspects of Music Consumption Technologies. Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) Vol. 35. Springer, Dordrecht. 2006.
PDF - 515 kb
Tanaka, A. “Composing as a Function of Infrastructure,” In Ehrlich, K., LaBelle, B. (Eds.) Surface Tension: Problematics of Site. Errant Bodies Press, Los Angeles. 2003.
PDF - 143.4 kb
Tanaka, A. “Musical Performance Practice on Sensor based Instruments,” In Wanderley, M., Battier, M. (Eds.) Trends in Gestural Control of Music (CD-ROM). IRCAM, Paris. 2000.
PDF - 712.9 kb
Tanaka, A. “Speed of Sound.” In Brouwer, J. (Ed.) Machine Times. NAI-V2, Rotterdam. 2000........
PDF - 117.6 kb


Atau Tanaka,"Go with the Creative Flow: How technology is revolustionising creativity." Britain in 2011. ESRC. 2011.
PDF - 2.9 Mb


Tanaka, A. "Facilitating Musical Creativity: In Collectivity and Mobility." In Leonardo Electronic Almanac, 15(5,6). 2007

Tanaka, A. “Malleable Contents and Future Musical Forms.” In Receiver #13. July, 2005.

Tanaka, A. “Von Telepräsenz zu Co-Erfahrung: Ein Jahrzehnt Netzwerkmusik” (From Telepresence to Co-experience: A Decade of Network Music) In Föllmer, G. (Ed.) Neue Zeitschrift für Musik. Schott Musik International, Mainz. (5) September/October, 2004.
PDF - 70.5 kb

Tanaka, A. “Seeking Interaction, Changing Space.” In Smite, R. (Ed.) Acoustic.Space: Media Architecture Reader. Riga. 2003.

Tanaka, A. “Relier l’espace matériel et l’espace immatériel: les projets de musique en réseau,” Dossiers de l’audiovisuel, No. 96, INA, Bry-sur-Marne, 2001.


Atau Tanaka , Lalya Gaye, Ranald Richardson, "Co-production and Co-creation: Creative practice in Social Inclusion". In Proceedings of the Entertainment Computing Symposium, World Computer Congress. September 2010, Brisbane Australia.
PDF - 159 kb
Bau, O., Tanaka, A., Mackay, W. “The A20 : Musical Metaphors for Interface Design.” In Proc. New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME). Genova, 2008.
PDF - 3.1 Mb

Gemeinboeck, P., Tanaka, A., Dong, A. “Instant Archaeologies: Digital Lenses to Probe and to Perforate the Urban Fabric.” In Proc. ACM Multimedia, Santa Barbara. 2006.

Tanaka, A., Gemeinboeck, P., “A Framework for Spatial Interaction in Locative Media.” In Proceedings of New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME06), Paris, 2006.

Tanaka, A., Holmquist, L-E. “Ubiquitous Music: How Are Sharing, Copyright, and Really Cool Technology Changing the Roles of the Artist and the Audience?” In DVD Proceedings of the 32nd Intn’l Conf. On Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH). Los Angeles, 2005.

Tanaka, A. et al. “Enhancing Musical Experience through Proximal Interaction.” In Proc. Intn’l Computer Music Conference (ICMC). ICMA, San Francisco. 2004.

Tanaka, A. “Musical implications of Network Infrastructures: Perturbations of traditional artistic roles.” In Balpe, J-P., Leleu-Merviel, S. (Eds.) Actes de H2PTM’01, Hypertextes/Hypermedias: Nouvelles ecritures, nouveaux langages. Hermès Science Publications, Paris. 2001.
PDF - 229 kb
Tanaka, A., Bongers, A. J. “Global String – A Musical Instrument for Hybrid Space.” In Proceedings of Cast01: Living in Mixed Realities. Fraunhofer Institute, St. Augustin. 2001.
PDF - 76.3 kb

Tanaka, A. “Network Music: A Perspective.” In Festival du Web. Webart, Paris. 1999.

Tanaka, A. “Network Audio Performance and Installation.” In Proc. Intn’l Computer Music Conference (ICMC). ICMA, San Francisco. 1999.

Tanaka, A. “Musical Technical Issues in Using Interactive Instrument Technology.” In Proc. Intn’l Computer Music Conference (ICMC). ICMA, San Francisco. 1993.

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